The Warehouse Auditing App of the Year 2020

Health and safety has always been important in warehousing, but the Covid-19 pandemic has redefined workplace safety in this sector. The Warehouse Auditor app is proving an essential tool in the continuous improvement of safe inspection practices. The app has been specifically developed for warehouses, 3PLs, logistics and distribution facilities.

Here, we look at the story behind the app’s success.

For the past ten years, the Warehouse Auditor team has been developing apps to improve the audit and inspection process, in construction, civil engineering, facilities and property management, and in 2019 the logistics sector.

The goal is simple: to eliminate paper-based inspections, and the wasteful use of paper, and replace with an easy to use app. Changing the way businesses carry out inspections.

Over the last 6 months some global companies have adopted the tool, working in conjunction with their existing health and safety policies.

The cloud-based app can be downloaded onto smart phones and tablets (iOS, Android, or Windows 10).

What Does the Warehouse Auditor App Do?

Replaces paper forms with digital templates, to carry out health and safety checks, risk assessment, and audits, using smart phones or tablets.

Simplifying the way teams complete inspections, seamlessly integrating the data and photos into a PDF, colleagues and management can share instantly and securely.

The app includes a library of forty pre-built templates, designed to follow set reporting procedures. For compliance, the photos are date and time stamped, along with colour-coded answers, to identify risks, and corrective actions, which are instantly emailed to the relevant department for resolution.

Meeting the Changing Needs of the Warehousing Sector

The current Covid-19 crisis has emphasised the crucial importance of warehousing, logistics and distribution to the economy, and to people’s lives.

It has also placed huge demands on the sector, with increasing importance on ensuring operations are both safe, and efficient.

The pandemic has meant a shift in priorities for many businesses, with safe working practices, social distancing, and hygiene now at the forefront of how they operate.

The Warehouse Auditor app is perfectly positioned to be integral to these new approaches to work, as real time information removes the need for paper-trails, clipboards, and the shared handling of documents.

Eliminating paper from the inspection process, reduces physical contact in the workplace, and also has obvious environmental benefits too.

The Warehouse Auditor team continues to introduce new templates into its packages, ensuring clients remain compliant with the latest regulations.

Helping Businesses Embrace Digital

Key to the continuing success of the Warehouse Auditor is helping businesses adopt post-Covid ways of working.

The app delivers a much-needed cloud-based digital solution in streamlining the inspection of health and safety, in an ever-expanding and competitive market.

The pressure on distribution centres has grown, and brings challenges to make workplaces as safe and efficient as possible.

To help meet these growing needs, the Warehouse Auditor is offering a free 30-day trial, with no set up costs and no credit card required

The aim is to make it as easy as possible for warehouse managers to see for themselves the benefits the app can bring to their business.

This reflects the team’s own clear sense of purpose: to continue developing, practical, user-friendly app-based, technological solutions, that benefit the sector, and the people who work within it.