Redefining What it Means to be a Team


Watching your company grow is a rewarding experience. Moving to a larger facility, hiring more staff and winning new contracts is all part of what it means be a business owner.

So, congratulations on creating a growing, sustainable and most importantly: scalable business.

But just like the laws of motion: every action has an opposite and equal reaction. And it is not just your achievements which scale, it’s the challenges to boot.

Warehouse Inventory software

The way you communicated internally when you were ten staff at one site will not be the same as when you are fifty over three sites. If it is – you might run into some serious problems that are going to curb that exponential growth.

This is because as your company scales, it is easier for communication to become lax. As communication dwindles, your team will soon become staff – and we think there is a big difference between the two.

The Warehouse Auditor App has been specifically designed to help you remember what it means to feel like a team, by streamlining not only communication, but health and safety procedures as well. Because your photos, risk assessments and critical documentation are now created and stored securely on your iPhone/iPad or Android – Windows tablet, it means you can instantly share your reports with anyone in your organisation, anywhere, anytime.

So why not make three sites feel like one again – and save a few trees in the process.

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