3 Reasons Why Your Business Should be Paperless in 2020

Paperless office 2019

Writing risk assessments can be very satisfying. The sensation of pen meeting paper. Watching the white, limitless space of your page replaced with unbridled data, corrective actions and recommendations, all in a trail of black or blue pen. For many auditors, it’s all they know.

But in the modern-day warehouse – does this process still have a place? There was a time when we sent letters to communicate with our friends and colleagues. And then there was the advent of email. As technology progressed, so did our practices and behaviours. 

Let’s look at 3 reasons why your business should go paperless in 2019:

The true cost of printing

There’s no getting around it – printing costs money.

At a glance: a good industrial printer can cost from several hundred to many thousands of pounds for a premium product.

Changing printer cartridges

But that’s just the start of it. A study by Gartner showed that the initial purchase price of a printer accounts for only 5% of its lifetime cost. The accumulation of paper, energy usage, maintenance, toner and ink cartridges adds up significantly over the months and years. So, spending £500 on a printer – varying over three to five years – could leave you with a bill of £10,000 during its lifespan.

Making amends

We’ve all been there.

You’ve had a busy morning, three impromptu meetings and in all honesty, you can’t wait for 5:00pm to arrive so you can call it a day. You finish up that report you’ve been slogging away at since lunchtime and hit print – only to notice a host of spelling errors that need to go.

So it’s straight into the bin for all the copies you’ve printed and you’re back at your desk with your head in your hands.

Environmental damage

Perhaps the reason that makes us stop and think most. 

We all know that making paper requires trees. Lots, and lots of trees. Put into perspective, our printing habits are having a colossal effect on the world we live in. To make 10 million paper pages requires 2,500 trees, 56,000 gallons of oil and 450 cubic square feet of landfill space.

It simply doesn’t stack up. 

Another way…

“We have the technology…”

The paperless office in 2019

Moving ahead into paperless business is not only more convenient – it’s now cost effective too. The question to ask yourself in 2019 isn’t ‘should we go paperless’, but ‘can we afford not to?’

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