Your business needs to take action on climate change. Here’s one simple way.

Reducing your carbon footprint

As the effects of our ecological apathy become apparent in everyone’s lives – what was once only the concern of a small part of society is now front-page news on a daily basis. 

Businesses are now under increasing public pressure not just to think about their impact on the environment, but to take action now.

It’s becoming increasingly simple for businesses to adopt a range of environmentally friendly practices that can drastically reduce their carbon footprint. From reducing waste, to green procurement, reducing water usage, recycling electronics, and using new insulation methods.

That’s great. But what about your bottom line?

Despite government incentives and the accelerating reduction in the cost of new technologies such as solar power, businesses are reluctant to switch to practices which are not cost effective. This is especially true of smaller companies who can’t absorb the cost of installing expensive equipment, drastically changing their operations, or reducing their profit margins. 

What can you do today?

There’s something simple that every business can do right now that’s both environmentally friendly and will save money immediately. Going digital.

A recent U.S study[1] concluded that roughly 75% of paper waste we generate is recyclable – but shockingly, only 30% of this material actually makes its way to eco-friendly processing facilities. Not to mention worldwide consumption of paper has increased by a staggering 400% in the past 40 years. 

A simple, immediate step to reducing paper waste.

Paper waste

When we designed our award-winning H&S inspection app, we wanted to streamline the process of completing audits, H&S checks and risk assessments. 

We wanted you to share information instantly and securely with anyone in your organisation, whether they were in Auckland or Aberdeen. But what you might not think about – although you should – is that when you use the Warehouse Auditor App, you are actively taking a simple, immediate step to reducing paper waste. 

So, the next time you reflect on the fact that the average individual uses enough paper to account for 7 trees per year, choose an environmentally sensitive approach to how you run your business.

If you haven’t’ already got it this is a link to our free 30 – day trial. 

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