What is the role of a warehouse manager and what skills you need to do it.

The role of a warehouse manager has undoubtably got busier and more important over the last year as people have switched to online delivery to buy goods. Due to this boom, a warehouse manager’s responsibility has meant they have had to be more precise, more efficient and more productive over this time. But it also means that more warehouse manager roles are being created as businesses switch to online delivery to fulfil customer orders. So, if you are thinking of eyeing a career in logistics and becoming a warehouse manager, we outline below some responsibilities and skills you need.

Warehouse managers are responsible for making things happen, being organised and arranging the safe and efficient receipt, storage and despatch of goods from the warehouse.

Day to day they will be responsible for:

Processing orders

Operating mechanical and IT systems

Talking to suppliers and clients

Training and supervising staff

Rotas for staff

Managing staff

Stock control

Ensuring compliance and health and safety regulation

Key skills for Warehouse Managers.

Good teamworking skills

Management skills

Time management

Clear communication both verbal and written

Logical reasoning

Technical skills


Which companies need a Warehouse Manager?

There is some crossover with logistics and distribution managers, although the position of a warehouse manager is less focussed on logistics. If you are looking for a job in warehouses, then we outline some industries that will be looking to recruit.

Distribution and haulage companies


Armed forces

Commercial organisations


Where are openings advertised?

Job openings are usually advertised across online recruitment platforms but also in specialist publications such as Logistics & Supply Chain and Warehouse & Logistics News.

Qualifications and Training?

There are many university degrees out there that will help you gain a role in this area. Subjects like logistics, supply chain management and transport management will arm you with the skills and knowledge to work in this industry.

But there are some other ways you can get into the industry, such as apprenticeships and work experience opportunities that will open the door for you. But, as with all industries, a mix of education and experience will help you clinch a role in this area.

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