What are the Benefits of Real-Time Supply Chain Visibility?

Supply chains are complex and changeable. If they’re neither sufficiently flexible nor adaptable, warehouses can find themselves struggling to keep up.

Real-time supply chain visibility is about unleashing the potential of technology to support warehousing operations.

The Importance of Data in Supply Chains

Data is core to a successful supply chain. How different organisations collect, interpret and act on this data determines the efficiency of the movement, storage and delivery of goods.

Modern supply chain operations, from inventory to logistics, depend on efficient processes.

Access to data in real time can help identify problem areas and bottlenecks in all parts of the supply chain that can cause inefficiencies to creep in.

This informed interrogation of data applies at different stages, such as:

  • Procurement and forecasting
  • Stockroom inventory
  • Logistics
  • Order processing
  • Fulfilment.

Identifying buying trends and calculating forecasts is no longer dependent on looking at older data from previous quarters or years. With dedicated software, this can now be up-to-the-minute.

For stock inventory and logistics, data provides a similar snapshot of current supply levels and customer demand.

Customer expectations are that they can order goods on demand and expect prompt reliable delivery. Data enables these things too.

This data is all connected and interdependent. Buying trends help in decision-making for storage, logistics and order fulfilment, for example.

Integrated information is central to real-time supply chain visibility. This visibility should be at the heart of modern, efficient supply chain management strategies.

This includes warehouse management systems and operations.

Supply Chain Visibility in the Modern Warehouse

The warehouse is a crucial link in the supply chain. It ensures that the customer receives their goods on time and in excellent condition.

The role of the warehouse has become even more critical with the growth of online ordering and shopping. There is now an established expectation from many customers that they will receive goods they order in shorter timescales.

It follows that warehousing requires the same sort of high-level visibility and data management as other parts of the supply chain.

Not only does this increased visibility support optimised warehouse management, but it also supports better, more efficient inventory management across supply chains.

The well-managed warehouse needs this visibility to extend across all its operations and infrastructure. This includes vital audits for health and safety and other indispensable processes and procedures.

The Warehouse Auditor app gives warehouse staff a set of advanced tools for managing both workspace and workflow.

The app enables them to incorporate these tools into a single handheld device such as a tablet or smartphone.

The immediate and long-term benefits are:

  • Instant access to real-time information
  • Detailed data to support decision-making
  • Improved health and safety
  • The means to address inefficiencies and eliminate errors
  • Faster response times
  • Proactive inventory management.

Supply chain visibility can only be truly effective if it includes warehousing alongside other stages in the supply chain.

The Warehouse App can help you achieve this.

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