The One-Two Punch Impacting Warehouse Productivity

Your warehouse productivity could be at risk from a one-two-punch:

  • Firstly, there are changes in global supply chains that are putting fresh demands on warehouse operations.
  • Secondly, in meeting these demands, warehouses may be at risk of breaching various areas of compliance.

Failing to keep up with demand will indeed have serious consequences. But failures in compliance can be just as damaging to productivity.

Is there are a way of reconciling efficiency with health and safety that won’t cause lasting harm to your productivity?

One solution is to adopt new warehouse management ideas that put technology at the heart of operations.

Changes Affecting Warehouse Productivity

The long, interconnected supply chains we associate with globalisation have come under immense strain during the pandemic.

The growth of onshoring is one consequence. More businesses are sourcing or relocating their production within national borders. This shortens supply chains. For warehouses, this comes with its own set of issues and challenges.

If inventories are held closer to markets, warehouses need increased capacity to store goods while fulfilling more orders.

Another factor influencing onshoring comes from supply chain pressures following Brexit. Businesses are looking to store more inventory in Britain to avoid costly inefficiencies of moving goods across European borders.

Regardless of global changes in the movement of goods, the demand for them continues to rise. Another legacy of the pandemic and a succession of lockdowns is the massive popularity of online shopping.

This increase in demand should be good news for warehouses. But this will only work in their favour if they can up their productivity without taking unnecessary risks.

Costly Compliance Risks for Warehouses

Compliance failures in warehouses can be costly.

Injuries can mean a loss of productivity. But compliance failures also leave businesses open to claims from employees.

The pressures on warehouses from increased demand, narrower margins and shortened supply chains may lead to corner-cutting.

This is likely to have serious consequences.

A big part of compliance is recording and interpreting data. This applies to vital daily tasks such as:

  • Health and safety checks
  • Handovers
  • Management inspections
  • Vehicle safety checks
  • Capacity assessments
  • Security checks and housekeeping
  • Inventories
  • Logistical flows and layouts.

Basically, cutting corners represents a false economy. What you think you gain at first, you stand to lose in the longer term.

If, for example, employees are unaware of, or ignore, health and safety procedures, this can result in injuries, time off work, lost productivity and even claims against the company.

That second blow in the one-two punch could put you on the ropes.

Managing Change and Boosting Warehouse Productivity

The warehouse audit should be at the heart of your operations, helping to drive efficiencies, identify bottlenecks and help you stay compliant.

But for modern warehousing to adapt fully to a changing world, it needs modern auditing methods.

The Warehouse Auditor app automates these methods and delivers them via a highly compact, mobile device user-friendly tool.

Economies can shift, globally and nationally, exerting pressure on the supply chain. The Warehouse Auditor app gives you the flexibility you need to cope with this pressure and even turn it to your advantage.

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