Is the office printer harming your business?


We have so much of it, and yet so often it feels like we have so little. So, where exactly does all our time go?

Taking a closer look at the effects of our work habits

We all know that writing reports is a big part of day-to-day work life. But just how much time does it take from our efforts?

This is a question that comes up time and time again, particularly in the workplace. When we aren’t busy with our work streams or attending meetings, where are we? When you see people printing off important documents, you probably wouldn’t think of this as time wasting or a non-work activity. And you’re right, it’s not… But that doesn’t mean it isn’t harming your business.

The cost implication of printing

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We all know that the cost of printer toner and maintenance adds up, but consider the following situation and how it might reflect your own workplace:

Let’s say you had an employee who spends 15 minutes out of their day printing reports.

If this employee earned £20/hour – and did this 3 days per week – that would mean 3 hours a month would be spent simply on printing. Over a year, that’s 36 hours, or £720 worth of working time spent only on printing – not including the true running costs of the printer itself!

If you multiply this by the number of employees that may be carrying out H&S inspections, the numbers around inefficiency begin to get scary!

Paper certainly has its place in the world. But in light of examples like this, so do digital platforms.

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