How is the Digital Revolution Impacting the Warehouse?

The digital revolution isn’t something that’s in the future. It’s here right now. This is true of many sectors and industries, including warehousing.

But how is the digital revolution impacting the warehouse and what are the benefits for businesses to get ahead of the digital curve?

Why Choose Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation is a buzzword. It sounds modern and dynamic. But what does it mean?

It’s strategic and adaptable for different types of industries and business models.

But at its core, D/T should be practical, giving businesses the essential tools to transform their systems and processes.

In warehousing, D/T is transforming the supply chain, driving change at a rapid pace.

The benefits of digital transformation in the warehouse are:

  • Seamless operations
  • Employee empowerment and development
  • Improved efficiency
  • Strategic positioning.

The principle behind D/T is using technology, practically to transform processes and offer better services.

This impacts positively on productivity and on the customer experience.

Warehousing is central to the digital economy. This economy is time-critical and customer-focused. It requires a streamlined combination of digital connectivity and real-world operations.

This should mean faster fulfilment and better use of capacity. Technology empowers employees to make critical and informed decisions. It enables the automation of repetitive tasks, leaving people free to focus on decision-making and thinking.

There are clear benefits in overall efficiency and, on the back of this, the potential for providers of warehousing to improve their strategic position in the marketplace.

At the heart of this digital revolution in the warehouse is the mobile device.

Mobile Technology in the Warehouse

‘Mobile technology enables employees to access dedicated warehouse apps on the move’.

This portability has been essential for making digital technology work in the warehouse setting.

What this means is that warehouse operatives are connected continuously as they carry out essential tasks.

There is no delay between the inspection and reporting an action. Users can log their issues and updates immediately.

This is especially valuable when conducting critical audits and completing health and safety inspections. The way digital technology enables users to record data streamlines ‘continuous improvement’ in the warehouse.

But the technology is only as effective as the apps that run on it. This aspect of the digital revolution is critical when it comes to widespread adoption and the wholesale transformation of working practices.

Transforming Warehouse Management

We think of revolutions happening from the ground up. They are mass movements.

The same applies to the digital revolution because it empowers individuals to work better.

‘Warehouse Auditor’ app transforms warehouse management by helping people on the ground, giving them the app and templates to make their workplaces safer and more efficient.

Warehousing is changing. The on-demand economy is driving new efficiencies and ways of working. Advanced inspection methods, support and enable these changes.

Predictions are that warehouse automation will increase significantly by 2030. If you want to gain a strategic and competitive advantage, you need to join the digital revolution.

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