Starting a report

Tap on the package and choose the template, type in the reference (site name – dept name) then SAVE

How to answer questions

Open the question, choose a status, type in a comment, then SAVE;

Note: to save ‘Comments’ or ‘Actions’ for future use, type in, tap on the +

saved ‘Comments’ will be listed in the menu next to the +

How to add a new question

Tap on ‘Add Question’ type in then SAVE

How to delete a question

Open the question, top centre ‘Delete’ tap on and ‘Delete’

How to navigate from section to section

Tap on the ‘White Arrow/s’ to move to the next question set or tap on the question name (center) to show all the section/s

Using voice recognition

For Android / Windows 10 devices: Open the question, tap on the microphone and speak clearly.
For iOS tap on the microphone within the device keypad

How to use the Camera

To attach a photo/s tap on the camera (top left) and take, tap X then SAVE.

Note: photos should be taken in Landscape.

Note: multiple photos can be attached to a question.

To import images from the device, tap on ‘Gallery’ & choose the image

How to add a Corrective Action

Open the question, tap on ‘Actions’ top right. Type in and tap on the + to save for future use.

Tap SAVE (bottom right) then SAVE top right.

‘Corrective Actions’ can be emailed instantly from the PDF to a designated email address

How to submit a report

Tap on ‘Export’ to digitally sign tap on ‘Signatures’ then ‘Done’ then press ‘Complete’ and ‘Confirm’ the message.

Note; In-complete reports cannot be ‘Exported’ until every question is answered.

What’s in the bottom left menu

Here you can confirm the ‘Report Reference’ or ‘Review the Report’ before uploading

What’s in the top left menu:

Search reports

Tap on ‘Search Reports’ to retrieve previously uploaded reports; ‘Local’ means reports listed on the device.

Tap on ‘Online’ and search for reports via the database to re-download and ‘Covert’ to new inspections.

What’s in the menu:

Dictionary & restore

To build custom answer lists, tap on ‘Dictionary’ ‘Select Category’ ‘Comments’ ‘Sub Category’ here you can add either ‘Comments’ or ‘Actions’

Tap on the + type in and SAVE

Note: you can transfer entire custom lists from one device to other devices. Tap on ‘Backup & Restore’ then ‘BackUp Now.

To download the lists onto other devices. Tap on ‘Restore’ and ‘Get Restore List’

Note: to use this feature. The username / password must be correct.

What’s in the top left menu:

Login details

To check your device connection, tap on ‘Login Details’ then tap on ‘Test Connection’

Results to show 3 x OK then SAVE

What’s in the menu:


Tap on ‘Preferences’ to choose other features then SAVE top right

How to convert a report to a new inspection

Tap on ‘Search Reports’ ‘Showall’ (or search online) tap on the report and ‘Convert data into new report’

Note; you should ‘Untick’ ‘Copy Photos’ as they will be in the previous report. So you can attach new photos.

Then ‘Continue’ and ‘Save’

How do I edit a PDF emailed back to the device?

To amend the report via the device. Open the App, then ‘Search/ Showall’ tap on the report and ‘Open’. Then open the question, re-answer and re- upload again.

The PDF can also be edited via the web-portal – Login, then ‘download’ and review the report. To make any changes, tap on ‘Edit’ and go to the section/s open the question – edit, then ‘Save’. To ‘Download the report tap on ‘Download’ and save the file to a folder.