5 key things to prepare for a H&S audit

Conducting a health and safety audit in the workplace is a comprehensive way to gauge if your company is efficient, effective and above all else, safe, especially if you work in the logistics or warehouse industry.

Therefore, we outline below five elements that can help businesses create best practice to ensure you deliver a good H&S audit.

Audit regularly

Logistics and warehouse businesses are fast moving, so conducting a yearly health & safety audit is not enough. Conducting them annually can result in complacency, with the knowledge that the business doesn’t need to think about it for another year. We advise against this. A superior approach could be to schedule various specific safety audits throughout the year on an eleven-month schedule, reserving the final month for one comprehensive workplace safety audit.

Be objective

Some businesses bring in external professionals to carry out the audit, but on the other hand, many companies prefer to keep them in-house to have a little more control over the process. Whichever way the audit is carried out it needs to be objective in order get the very best result from the process. A fresh, objective set of eye are always better at spotting issues that may be looked over previously.


Preparation is key in order to get the best out of the process. We advise that at least a week prior to the audit the company should inform all managers and supervisors that they need to have all records, documents and procedures ready and available for when the audit begins.

Be thorough

Exhaustive records are a requirement and a objective of a safety audit. The person who is carrying out the audit needs to consult all incident reports available for the section which they are auditing, so as to assess where potential problem areas are most likely to exist. Competent incident reports help auditors better apply selective scrutiny to known problem areas.

Use technology

With the importance of health & safety at the heart of every business, making the process more efficient and resolving problems in an effective manner is key. To help with the audit it is good practice to look at technology that can streamline and help deliver a more effective outcome. There is technology such as our app, that can be bespoke to your business to help you report and solve issues efficiently and ultimately make the job of doing the audit a lot easier.