Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start the 14- day free trial?

Search for ‘the inspection manager’ and download the app onto your tablet/smart phone (iOS, Android, Windows play stores) and start your free 14-day trial, in which an account will be created for you. For any guidance, contact or call 03450 17 99 44
The trial includes the use of 2 inspection templates.
To trial a limited version of the award-winning audit template, which comes complete with built in guidance notes, user manual, and training videos: email  
Download the manual in pdf format

What type of device do I need to use the application?

The application has been developed for iPhones/iPads, Windows 8/10 devices, Android tablets and smart phones, however tablets are recommended due to the larger screen and keypad. Smart phones should have a minimum 4″ screen, with rear facing camera with a minimum 3-megapixel camera to deliver good quality photos, with 3G or Wi-Fi to submit the reports. As there are many devices in the market to choose from our technical support team will be happy to confirm the device you wish to use.

How easy is it to set up?

Just download the App from the ‘Apple’ appstore, Android ‘Play Store’ or the ‘Windows store’ and enter your login details, which we will provide by email (please note you must register your interest before any login details are sent) you will then have access to the template.

Can I register more than one device?

Yes - After the first device is registered, you can register as many additional devices you may require. Prices for additional devices are available upon request. Or contact our support team  
(POA for companies who operate multiple sites)

How do I get technical support?

A support request can be submitted from the website or emailed directly to the support office or contact us on the main telephone number for any urgent issues 03450 17 99 44

Where is my data stored and how secure is it?

Your data is stored on dedicated servers at a data centre located at Manchester Techno Park. Our servers are all behind an Enterprise-Class Firewall. The data is backed up twice a day to two separate off site locations. We also offer a 5-year licensed version to use the software, which can be installed onto your own systems. This means that you have full control of where you store the data and how the data is read.

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