General Warehouse Management

With the aid of drop down menus and system prompts the Warehouse Auditor will assess the general housekeeping and management of the warehouse facility focussing on the following areas, make comments and observations and where needed recommend corrective actions:

  • What is condition of floors?
  • Condition of FLT traffic routes?
  • Procedures for FLT battery charging?
  • Condition of pedestrian routes?
  • Procedures for segregation of FLT and operators?
  • Definition of marshalling areas?
  • Definition of loading/unloading areas?
  • General level of housekeeping?
  • Quality of business continuity plan?
  • Processes for safe working and incident reporting?
  • Safe working environment?
  • IT robustness?
  • Effective security controls?
  • Effective yard management Are storage locations safe for storage media?
  • Target stock levels set?

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