Audit and inspect your facility, using the Award-Winning and UKWA approved app – it couldn’t be easier

The Warehouse Auditor is the 2016 Logistics Industry Award-Winning audit and inspection tool. That is changing the way internal audits, asset inspections and health and safety reports are carried out, using smart phones or tablets. Replacing the need for pen and paper, or PC based reporting.

Providing logistical operations with an ‘easy to use’ and 'cost-effective' app, that allows you to maintain and improve, the effectiveness of your logistics infrastructure, assets and processes in the following areas:

Step 1

14 Day FREE Trial

Download the app onto your smart phone or tablet via the ‘appstore’ or ‘playstore’ search for ‘the inspection manager’ with access to the user manual (iOS, Android and Windows)  

Click here to start your 14 day trial.

Step 2

Getting Started

Open the app. Choose ‘try it for free’, to register your device, fill in the form and submit. Click on ‘create report’ and evaluate both ‘warehousing’ templates. (a limited version of the award-winning audit template is available to trial upon request)

Step 3

Identify Issues

The audit report provides details of any issues with suggested corrective actions to implement, with built in guidance notes to follow set procedures, add comments/recommendations along with date/time stamped photo evidence.

Step 4

Maintain & Improve

With your continual improvement tool, you can update the audit via the app, when corrective actions have been implemented and KPI’s increased, to measure process improvements, helping your business stay ahead of the competition.